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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Signs You've Left the City Limits Dept.

I've often passed these signs on my daily drives and wondered just what they meant (this one was spotted in Elma, N.Y.). I should add — and this should have been a clue to me — that as I passed these signs I often had to close all of the car windows. If you get my drift.

Basically it means, if you decide to move here, don't plan on complaining about the slow-moving farm implements on the road, the noise from said farm implements, or — and here's where I roll up my windows — the odor emanating from the implements, the livestock, the barns, and in some cases, the farmer. These towns have passed right-to-farm laws, and unless something dangerous or illegal is going on — oh well! As one judge remarked while dismissing a case brought against a hog farmer, "...pork production generates odors which cannot be prevented, and so long as the human race consumes pork, someone must tolerate the smell."

Now you know, too.

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