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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Buy, buy, buy! Cell, cell, cell!

You ever drive by this place,


over near the Boulevard Mall in Amherst, and wonder just what's in there? I'm picturing a warehouse full of those annoying metal trays you always see the inmates banging on the tables in prison movies; giant key rings that will end up with only one key on them — which Barney Fyfe will eventually leave hanging right outside the cell door so Otis can let himself out in the morning; soaps on ropes; giant rocks which get trucked to prison yards so the really bad inmates can break them into little pieces; chalk for marking off your days on the wall; a special catering department with tons and tons of bread and water; file-in-cake detectors; and of course jumpsuits in a multitude of colors — which makes me wonder what they ever did will all of those nifty striped outfits with the matching pillbox hats.

...and do the workers at Keene get an employee discount?

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