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Friday, January 1, 2010

A Good Old, Two-Newspaper Town

Observe two newspapers' take on the hiring yesterday of Buddy Nix (who sounds like an old cowboy movie star) as the new general manager of the Buffalo Bills. The Buffalo News' columnist Jerry Sullivan sees it as more of the same old stuff Bills fans have put up with for the last ten years or more — owner Ralph Wilson being too cheap to go out and hire an experienced, high-profile guy who'll take them back to their glory years. The Tonawanda News' reporter David Hill thinks the hiring is a great start.

Although I personally stopped being a Bills fan after the gang-raping by Wilson and the Bills of Erie County's taxpayers during the last stadium lease agreement, I do share a passing interest in how they're doing. Buddy Nix, I'm sorry to say, will probably be the one to turn the lights out after the passing of Ralph Wilson leads to the still-playoff challenged Bills leaving town some day — most likely sooner than later judging from Wilson's advanced age. If I'm wrong though, I'd like to be the headline writer the day Nix eventually loses his job, as all general managers eventually do:

, or
NIX NIXED; WHO'S NEXT?, or maybe even

Remember where you read them first.

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  1. I like the second one best. How old is Wilson anyways? 150?