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Friday, January 15, 2010

Wanted: Rolling Uglys Concert Poster - or is it?

This ad has been running for quite some time in the Buffalo News classified section. Somebody's willing to pay $3,000 for an old WKBW Presents The Rolling Stones concert poster from a 1966 show in Buffalo.(!) The first time I saw the offer I thought it was a typo, then I noticed on the bill also were The Standells (Dirty Water) and The McCoys (Hang On Sloopy). Now is it worth three grand? Hardly.

I'm guessing it's the appearance by The WKBW VIPS — aka, the radio station's disk jockeys. In 1966 that could have included this all-star line-up: Stan Roberts, Fred Klestine, Rod Roddy ("Come On Down!"), Dan Neaverth, and Jefferson Kaye.

Fans of the Big KB can click here to relive some old memories. Jingles, photos, commercials, and other great stuff are just a click away!

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